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  • What Facilitates Social Engagement in Preschool Children with Autism?
    Author(s): Wimpory, Dawn C.; Hobson, R. Peter; Nash, Susan
    Source: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, v37 n3 p564-573 Mar 2007
    Pub Date: 2007
    This article discusses factors that contribute to the social engagement of preschool children with autism. It points out that adult musical/motoric activity, communications that followed the child's focus of attention, scaffolding through social routines, imitations of the child, and adult repetitions were significantly more prevalent before episodes of social engagement. Cognitive assessment activities, adult inactivity, and "ignoring" were significantly less prevalent.
  • Peer-Mediated Social Communication Intervention: When Clinical Expertise Informs Treatment Development and Evaluation
    Author(s): Goldstein, Howard; Schneider, Naomi; Thiemann, Kathy
    Source: Topics in Language Disorders, v27 n2 p182 Apr-Jun 2007
    Pub Date: 2007
    This article provides an overview of three approaches to peer-mediated intervention that have been effective in improving the social and communicative interactions among young children with autism and other developmental disabilities and their classmates without disabilities.
  • Transitions for Young Children with Autism from Preschool to Kindergarten
    Author(s): Forest, Emily J.; Horner, Robert H.; Lewis-Palmer, Teri; Todd, Anne W.
    Source: Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, v6 n2 p103-112 2004
    Pub Date: 2004
    This report provides an index of transition elements that may be useful to guide future research and to facilitate effective transitions.
  • Classroom Staff Training Self-Study Packet. LEAP Outreach Project
    Availability: LEAP Outreach Project, The Center for Collaborative Educational Leadership, University of Colorado at Denver, 1444 Wazee St., Suite 230, Denver, CO 80202-1326.
    Pub Date: 1998
    This self-study training manual for teachers of young children with autism contains nine modules on behavior modification techniques.
  • Facilitating Desired Behavior in the Preschool Child with Autism: A Case Study
    Author(s:) Ford, Laurie; And Others
    Source: Contemporary Education, v65 n3 p148-51 Apr 1994
    The best way to manage discipline problems in preschoolers with autism is to prevent the problems from occurring in the first place. The article examines the diagnosis, incidence, and prevalence of autism; suggests how to facilitate desired behavior; and describes a case study of a preschool child with autism.


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