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  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ726944
    "That's Not Fair!" Helping the Child with a Sibling Who Has Special Needs
    Author(s): Brodkin, Adele M.
    Source: Early Childhood Today (1), v20 n4 p18-19 Jan-Feb 2006
    Publication Date: 2006
    Abstract: This article describes the resentment and jealousy that is sometimes exhibited by siblings of special-needs children, and the steps that can be taken by teachers and parents to help these children reestablish their social-emotional balance.
  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ691623
    How Younger Siblings of Children with Learning Disabilities Understand the Cognitive and Social Implications of Learning Disabilities
    Author(s): Hames, Annette
    Source: European Journal of Special Needs Education, v20 n1 p3-19 Feb 2005
    Publication Date: February 2005
    Abstract: By using videos of children with severe learning disabilities, this study examines understanding of learning disability displayed by the younger siblings of children with learning disabilities as compared with their classmates who have had much less contact with disability.
  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ683861
    Young Children's Personal Accounts of Their Sibling Disputes
    Author(s): Wilson, Anne E.; Smith, Melissa D.; Ross, Hildy S.; Ross, Michael
    Source: Merrill Palmer Quarterly Journal of Developmental Psychology, v50 n1 p39-60 Jan 2004
    Publication Date: January 2004
    Abstract: This study investigated children's personal representations of significant sibling conflicts.
  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ654362
    Sibling Fights. From a Parent's Perspective
    Author(s): Duffy, Roslyn
    Source: Child Care Information Exchange, n145 p72-74 May-Jun 2002
    Publication Date: 2002
    Abstract: This article provides guidance for parents in dealing with sibling conflicts.
  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ650982
    Siblings. For Parents Particularly
    Author(s): Klein, Helen Altman
    Source: Childhood Education, v78 n3 p169-70 Spr 2002
    Publication Date: 2002
    Abstract: This article identifies techniques to help siblings develop mutual caring and lifelong bonds.
  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ615367
    Young Children's Appraisals of Their Sibling Relationships
    Author(s): Ross, Hildy; Woody, Erik; Smith, Melissa; Lollis, Susan
    Source: Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, v46 n3 p441-64 Jul 2000
    Publication Date: 2000
    Abstract: Preschool-age children, their older siblings, and mothers in 65 families appraised the children's relationships.
  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ617151
    Siblings as Teachers: Turning Play into a Learning Experience
    Author(s): Goldfarb, Jamie
    Source: Our Children, v26 n2 p22-23 Oct 2000
    Publication Date: 2000
    Abstract: This article explains how older siblings can teach and motivate toddlers while they play.


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