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November 17-19, 2003Communicating with Parents during Sensitive or Difficult SituationsKaren Stephens
Director of Illinois State University Child Care Center


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  • Talking With Parents When Concerns Come Up Author(s):Morgan, Elizabeth
    Publication Date: January 1989
    Source: Young Children, 44(2), 52-56
  • Parents and Teachers as Partners: Issues and Challenges Author(s): Rockwell, Robert E,; Andre, Lynda C.; Hawley, Mary K.
    Publication Date: 1996
    Availability: New York, NY: Harcourt Brace Publishers
  • So This Is Normal Too? Teachers and Parents Working Out Developmental Issues in Young Children Author(s):Deborah Hewitt
    Publication Date: 1995
    Availability: St. Paul, MN: Redleaf Press

The following resources are available for a fee from Child Care Information Exchange.

  • High Maintenance Parent or Parent Partner-Working with a parent's concern Author(s): Gonzalez-Mena, Janet; Stonehouse, Anne
    Publication Date: July/Aug. 2003
    Source: Child Care Information Exchange
  • Putting Out the Fires of Conflict Author(s): Gillan, Christine
    Publication Date: May 2003
    Source: Child Care Information Exchange
  • First Steps to Talking with Family and Staff Authors(s): Eisenberg, Eileen
    Publication Date: May/June 2002
    Source: Child Care Information Exchange
  • Working with a High Maintenance Parent-Building Trust and Respect Through Communication Author(s): Stonehouse, Anne; Gonzalez-Mena, Janet
    Publication Date: Nov./Dec. 2001
    Source: Child Care Information Exchange
  • High-Maintenance Parent or Cultural Differences? Author(s): Gonzalez-Mena, Janet
    Publication Date: July/Aug. 2000
    Source: Child Care Information Exchange

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  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ528184
    Breaking Bad News to Parents Author(s): Miller, Susan A.
    Source: Early Childhood News, v8 n4 p26-27 Jul-Aug 1996
    Publication Date: 1996
    Abstract: Discusses the difficulty of breaking bad news to parents, whether the news pertains to center policy or a child's behavior. Provides strategies for presenting news and for helping parents to overcome difficult situations, including gathering facts in advance, arranging an appropriate time, and having resource materials available for parents.
  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ635679
    Children with Special Needs: Helping Parents through the Grief Author(s): Oekerman, Rebecca
    Source: Texas Child Care, v25 n1 p10-13 Sum 2001
    Publication Date: 2001
    Abstract: Discusses how caregivers can help parents of children with disabilities through the grieving process.
  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ510056
    Parents & Teachers: "Can We Talk?" Author(s): Wilson, Cynthia L.
    Source: LD Forum, v20 n2 p31-33 Win 1995
    Publication Date: 1995
    Abstract: Ways to facilitate communication between parents and teachers of students with learning disabilities are discussed, along with communicating with culturally diverse parents.
  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ510015
    Improving Relationship Skills for Parent Conferences Author(s): Perl, James
    Source: TEACHING Exceptional Children, v28 n1 p29-31 Fall 1995
    Publication Date: 1995
    Abstract: Suggestions are offered to special educators for improving communication at parent-teacher conferences. A checklist for self-monitoring in these areas is included.
  • ERIC Document No.: ED343690
    Parent-Teacher Conferencing in Early Childhood Education Author(s): Lawler, S. Dianne
    Publication Date: 1991
    Availability: NEA Professional Library, P.O. Box 509, West Haven, CT 06516
    Abstract: This book discusses several types of parent-teacher conferences and issues relevant to parent-teacher conferences. Chapters 5 through 7 describe characteristics of conferences that relate to academic performance, referrals for handicapped children, and discipline problems.
  • ERIC Journal No.: EJ584437
    The Parent Panel: Supporting Children with Special Needs Author(s): Duckworth, Susanna V.; Kostell, Patricia H.
    Source: Childhood Education, v75 n4 p199-203 Sum 1999
    Publication Date: 1999
    Abstract: Describes the "parent panel," an approach to building appropriate communication, resolving conflicts, and creating mutual respect between teachers and parents of children with disabilities.
  • ERIC Document No.: ED426547
    What Research Says about Communicating with Parents of Children with Disabilities and What Teachers Should Know
    Author(s): Lillie, Timothy
    Publication Date: November 14, 1998
    Availability: EDRS Price MF01/PC01 Plus Postage
    Abstract: This paper summarizes the research literature on the best ways for teachers to communicate with parents of children with disabilities.


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