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Submit a Project
How do I submit a Project to Illinois Projects in Practice?
    • Make sure you have taken a look at the PIP Projects page to see other projects that have been submitted.
    • Please carefully read the “Information to Include” list below.
    • Write a report of your project that includes the information listed below. You may also include photographs and other graphic elements.
    • Proofread carefully.
    • Send an electronic copy of your report as an attachment to Sallee Beneke at You may also attach photographs and other graphic elements.

Information to Include in IL-PiP Project Report

Teacher Information
Your name, address, center or program affiliation, and contact information (phone and email); please indicate the best time to contact you, if you list a phone number.

General information about the project

Phase 1: Beginning the Project

Phase 2: Developing the Project

Phase 3: Concluding the Project

Teacher Reflection
Share your thoughts about the project. You may want to focus on one or more of these questions: