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PIP Projects

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By sharing documentation of their experiences implementing the Project Approach, Illinois teachers can help each other learn new strategies and ideas for implementation.

Illinois Educators are invited to submit simple documentation of project work from their classrooms. Illinois PIP staff will help edit and publish your project!

Questions about submission should be directed to Sallee Beneke.

*PIP Projects Discovering the World of Insects on the Playground
Kendra Nenia and Denise Fenn

*PIP Projects The Tractor Project: Noisy Neighbors Lead to Investigation
Erin Hamel, Mollie von Kampen, Sara Dolezal, Brianna Kennedy, Ashley McConnell, and Jordyn Nikkila

*PIP Projects Garden Project Sprouts From Simple Question: “What’s That?”
Mary Klug, Deb Wintrip, and Simone Haughton

*PIP Projects How Do People Celebrate Birthdays?
Lisa Lee and Pam Morbitzer

*PIP Projects The Combine Project: Using a Museum Experience to Enrich Project Work About
Angie Herrington

*PIP Projects The Worm Project About
Kim Burd and Laura De Luca

*PIP Projects Cooking with Spinach About
Shalan Knapke, Gail Lawrence, and Mindy Moses

*PIP Projects The Tamale Project About
Domenica Aguilera

*PIP Projects The Cow Project About
Angie Herrington with Julie Morrison, Mandy Moses, and Mindy Moses

*PIP Projects One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish…NEW Fish: A Preschool Fish Project About
Scott Brouette

*PIP Projects Up Up and Away: The Airplane Project About
Kimberly Curiale

*PIP Projects Tools People Use About
Karen McFadin and Kim Hack

*PIP Projects The House Project About
Laura Deluca and Sandy Dunn

*PIP Projects The Music Project About
Michele Baird and Jean Stafford

*PIP Projects The Horse Project About
Darby Harden and Tasha Verdeyen

View Lilian Katz' Thoughts on this project.

*PIP Projects Cracks and Holes About
Alicia Lindhorst and Beth Flick