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Illinois Prevention Initiative

Implementation Manual 2013

The Illinois Prevention Initiative Implementation Manual is based on the Illinois Birth to Five Program Standards and Quality Indicators and is organized as such. The information and materials contained in this document were compiled to assist program staff in the implementation and continuous improvement of their birth to three programs.

View the complete Illinois Prevention Initiative Implementation Manual (2.5MB) or view specific sections of the manual (linked below).

Table of Contents





  • ISBE Position Statement on Early Care and Education
  • Description of the Prevention Initiative Program

Questions for a New Prevention Initiative Leader

  1. Organization
    1. Mission, Values, Logic Model
    2. Scheduling Practices and Intensity of Services
    3. Group Size and Ratios of Participants to Staff
    4. Meeting the Needs of Diverse Children and Families
    5. Safe, Healthy, and Appropriate Physical Environments
    6. Effective Leaders
    7. Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
    8. Program Budget Guidelines
    9. Recordkeeping
  2. Curriculum and Service Provision
    1. Adult/Child Interactions and Curriculum
    2. Alignment to the Illinois Early Learning Standards and Guidelines
    3. Family Involvement in Curriculum
    4. Family Culture and Curriculum
    5. Program Flexibility
    6. Children’s Healthy Physical Development
  3. Developmental Monitoring and Program Accountability
    1. Ongoing Developmental Screening
    2. Developmental Assessment and Monitoring
    3. Annual Program and Staff Evaluations
  4. Personnel
    1. Knowledgeable Leadership
    2. Effective Management and Supervision
    3. Qualified Staff
    4. Reflective Supervision
    5. Professional Development
    6. Supportive Work Environment
    7. Knowledge of Community Services
  5. Family and Community Partnerships
    1. Child Viewed in the Context of Family and Community
    2. Family Participation and Partnerships
    3. Access to Comprehensive Services
    4. Family Plans and Goal Setting
    5. Collaboration


  • Appendix A: Budget Detail Information
  • Appendix B: Students Records
  • Appendix C: Sample Forms
  • Appendix D: Prevention Initiative RFP Compliance Checklist
  • Appendix E: Policies and Procedures Manual Suggested Topics
  • Appendix F: Acronyms
  • Appendix G: Glossary
  • Appendix H: References
  • Appendix I: Resources
  • Appendix J: Manual Evaluation


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