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Resource Lists and Talks with Experts

Illinois Early Learning (IEL) staff prepare and regularly update resource lists related to popular topics (many addressed by guest experts). These Resource Lists contain a wealth of information on early care and education, including Web materials, IEL resources, and listings of relevant articles and books.


Challenging Behaviors

Children at Risk

  • Ask an Expert: Supporting Resilience in Children Exposed to Domestic Violence About
    Karen Stephens, February 2009
  • Ask an Expert: When Children are Homeless: How Preschool Teachers and Caregivers Can Help About
    Jim Moberly, October 2009

Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving

  • Ask an Expert: Helping Young Children Resolve Conflicts About
    Karen Stephens, May 2006

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Early Intervention/Special Needs

  • Ask an Expert: Moving from Early Intervention to PreK: What Parents and Caregivers Want to Know About
    Felicia Fahl Gooler, February 2010

Family Life

Father Involvement


Infant/Toddler Care



Nature Study

  • Ask an Expert: Appreciating the Natural World with Young Children About
    Valerie Keener, September 2008

Physical Development, Heath, and Nutrition

  • Ask an Expert: Childhood Obesity About
    Darla Castelli, September 2006
  • Ask an Expert: Preschoolers' Nutrition and Fitness About
    Staff of the Illinois Interagency Nutrition Council, November 2005

Parent/Teacher Communication


  • Ask an Expert: Children's Play - More than Fun and Games About
    Jean Mendoza, February 2007
  • Ask an Expert: Imagination and Fantasy in Early Childhood About
    Karen Stephens, April 2008

Project Approach

  • IEL Ask an Expert: Doing Projects at Home About
    Judy Harris Helm, March 2006
  • Ask an Expert: The Project Approach: Display and Documentation Techniques About
    Sylvia Chard, February 2008

School Readiness

Social/Emotional Development

Speech Delays



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