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  • IEL Interactive Chat: TV, Computers, and Video Games—How Much Is Too Much? About
    Carol Weisheit, November 2004

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  • Social Outcomes Associated with Media Viewing Habits of Low-Income Preschool Children
    Authors: Conners-Burrow, Nicola A.; McKelvey, Lorraine M.;  Fussell, Jill J.
    Publication Date: 2011
    Source: Early Education and Development, 22(2), pp. 256-273.
    This study indicated a link between viewing inappropriate media and higher hyperactivity and aggression scores and a lower social skills rating. The amount of viewing was not related to these classroom outcomes. Teachers can help parents be aware of the potential impact of media selections on their children's classroom behavior.
  • Computer Use Within a Play-Based Early Years Curriculum
    Authors: Howard, Justine; Miles, Gareth E.; Rees-Davies, Laura
    Publication Date: 2012
    Source: International Journal of Early Years Education, 20(2), pp. 175-189.
    This study examined teachers’ experiences of adding computer use to classroom practice. It looks at the children's levels of engagement with computer activities. The study found that children considered these activities as play and showed moderate to high levels of engagement.
  • The Impact of Background Television on Parent-Child Interaction
    Authors: Kirkorian, Heather L.; Pempek, Tiffany A.; Murphy, Lauren A.;  Schmidt, Marie E.;  Anderson, Daniel R.
    Publication Date: 2009
    Source: Child Development, 80(5), pp. 1350-1359.
    This study looked at the way background television might affect the interactions between infants and toddlers and their parents. During the study, background television decreased both the quantity and quality of parent-child interaction.


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