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IEL Tip Sheet: Getting Ready for Kindergarten About

Is kindergarten right around the corner for your child? Let him know you’re happy for him and confident he will do well. Here are some things to think about as the school year approaches.

What are the health requirements for a child to begin school in Illinois?

  • A physical exam by a health care provider. The provider should give you a signed form to take to school.
  • A dental exam performed by a licensed dentist.
  • An eye exam performed by an optometrist or medical doctor.
  • All required immunizations. Start early so your child is ready for that first day. Talk to your health care provider or call the Illinois Public Health Department at (217) 782-4977 if you’re not sure what immunizations he needs.

What will the teacher expect my child to be able to do?

  • Hold and use a pencil, crayons, and scissors.
  • Say his full name and how he gets to and from school.
  • Handle self-care tasks such as hanging up her coat, going to the toilet, and washing her hands.
  • Get along with most children and adults and respect the property and rights of others.
  • Work alone and with others.
  • Sit and listen for about 15 minutes.
  • Remember and carry out two or three directions; finish a task he starts.
  • Follow simple rules and be willing to take turns.

What are some ways I can help prepare my child?

  • Help him learn about the world around him. Take him on interesting trips—to the library or grocery store, on a bus ride, or to a museum or park—and talk with him about what he sees. Encourage his curiosity and help him find answers to his questions.
  • Read to her and let her know that words can be written as well as spoken. 
  • Teach him the names of colors and shapes.
  • Help her see and hear how objects and sounds may be alike or different.

How can I find out what my local school expects of my child?

  • Take advantage of any kindergarten screening or school visits your school may offer.
  • Call the school office and ask for information on what is expected of children and parents.

What if my child needs special help to be ready for kindergarten?

  • Call your local school district office to find out about developmental screening and programs.
  • Call (800) 851-6197 or visit to learn more about services for children who have special needs.
December 2015


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