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Illinois Early Learning has created a bank of slides based on Standards Start at Home: A Guide to Early Learning for Parents/Families. These slides contain simple suggestions for parents of young children. The Standards Start at Home slides are available in PDF format (31MB). Feel free to share the full document.

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Tips for Exploring Drama With Children (slide 1)    

  • Listen to tapes that combine music and stories 
  • Make puppets out of socks or other household items and put on a play. Some libraries have puppets available to use while you are there. 
The Arts

Tips for Exploring Drama With Children (slide 2)    

  • Read a favorite book together and then act out the parts of the people in the book. Develop a “prop box” with old used hats, jewelry, etc., to encourage dramatic play. 
  • Larger cities and many universities offer free or low-cost plays or concerts just for children 

Tips for Exploring Music and Dance/Movement (slide 1)    

  • Sing to your child. This is fun and helpful, even if you “can’t carry a tune.”
  • Encourage your child to move or dance along to all types of music 
  • Provide many types of music, via radio, CDs, or TV. There are many sing-along tapes, CDs, and videos for children. You can check these out at your public library. 

Tips for Exploring Music and Dance/Movement (slide 2)    

  • Public television stations often show ballets, operas, symphony concerts, etc. Sit down with your child and enjoy a show you might not get to see somewhere else. 
  • Play soothing music at naptime to bedtime 
  • Play marching music in the morning when getting ready or during cleanup time 

Tips for Exploring the Visual Arts With Children (slide 1)     

  • Provide different art materials on a regular basis. Many paints, crayons, etc., are found at discount stores. Play-Doh can also be made at home. Remember, there is no “wrong way” to do art. 
  • Try different ways to do art. If your child usually uses crayons, ask if they would like to use watercolors instead. 

Tips for Exploring the Visual Arts With Children (slide 2)     

  • Involve your child in cleaning up, which is part of creating art 
  • Go to children’s museums or art museums; many offer free days 
  • Help your child notice the art in the world around them (“Wow! Those flowers have really bright colors” or “Did you see the painting on this ceiling?”) 

Fine Arts Activities: Streamer Play      

What your child will learn: How to participate in the elements of dance, music, and possibly drama; how to describe their creative work or the creative work of others 

Materials: Streamers, yarn, or old fabric cut into strips; music player 


  • Play different types of music (fast, slow, classical, rock, country) and encourage your child to move and dance to the music 
  • Talk about the similarities and differences in the types of music 
  • Encourage your child to talk about their favorite music and why they like it 

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