Communicating With Parents During Sensitive or Difficult Situations

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Reviewed: 2017

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Discussing Difficult Issues
This short article by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources provides several things to consider when discussing difficult issues with parents.

Talking to Parents About Problems in Development
This article provided by Purdue University discusses the importance of communicating with parents about developmental concerns.

Effective Communication with Parents
This article on the Zero to Three website discusses three key steps to take after discussing difficult topics with parents.

Communicating Sensitively with Parents
This article provided by Purdue University gives general hints for talking with parents about sensitive issues.

Family-Professional Partnerships
This CONNECT professional development module provides videos and other training materials to promote trusting partnerships with families.

Tips for Talking with Parents
This short article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a sample parent-teacher conversation and some tips for having difficult conversations with parents.

You Are Not Alone: For Parents When They Learn That Their Child Has a Disability
This article, written by a parent of a child with a disability, describes common reactions to learning that your child has a disability. Spanish

Tips for Child Care Providers to Communicate with Parents Concerns about Children’s Development
This article on the Extension website provides specific tips for communicating concerns with parents.


Zero to Three
ZERO TO THREE is a national nonprofit organization that provides parents, professionals, and policymakers the knowledge and know-how to nurture early development.

National Center for Learning Disabilities
NCLD connects parents and others with essential resources, provides educators with evidence-based tools, and engages advocates in public policy initiatives

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