Lead Poisoning Prevention Resources

This list contains a variety of resources associated with lead poisoning and prevention tactics.

IEL Resources

Web Resources

  • Lead Testing of Water in Licensed Day Care Facilities – DCFS Policy Guide 2017.13
    The purpose of this Policy Guide by the Department of Children and Family Services is to inform all day care licensing staff and day care providers in Illinois of recent legislation that requires lead testing of water for all day care homes, group day care homes and day care centers that serve children ages birth to six years, constructed on or before January 1, 2000.
  • Illinois EPA Resources on Lead
    This page on the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency website provides information from several federal and state sources on lead in water, testing for lead, prevention, and lead-based paint.
  • EPA 3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools and Child Care Facilities
    3Ts was developed to assist schools with lead in drinking water prevention programs. It is intended for use by school officials responsible for the maintenance and/or safety of school’s drinking water.
  • CDC Lead
    This page on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website includes links to information for parents, prevention tips, data, state programs, and tools and training materials.
  • A Healthy Home for Everyone – The Guide for Families and Individuals
    This guidebook from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows the link between different causes of illness and how to prevent the illness.  Causes include lead, smoking, radon, lack of a working smoke alarm, moisture and mold, and pesticide use.
  • Lead Exposure – Steps to Protect Your Family
    The most important step parents, doctors, and others can take is to prevent lead exposure before it occurs.  This article from the American Academy of Pediatrics presents nine steps to keep your home lead safe.  Also in Spanish.
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention Week
    This annual event aims to raise awareness to reduce childhood exposure to lead and to encourage implementation of local activities and events.  The toolkit by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides materials and resources to assist communities in planning an event.
  • Healthy Chicago Lead Poisoning Prevention
    This article on the City of Chicago’s website presents facts about lead in Chicago and tips for parents and guardians to help stop children from coming into contact with lead.
  • Illinois Lead Program FAQ
    This FAQ on lead poisoning is provided by the Illinois Department of Public Health.


  • Illinois Poison Center
    This organization provides information and treatment advice on potentially dangerous substances.
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Reviewed: 2018