Encouraging Literacy Development in Preschoolers

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Reviewed: 2017

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Get the Most from Any Story While You Read to Your Kids
This PBS resource has hints for reading and sharing stories with children.

Dialogic Reading Practices
This CONNECT resource explains the purpose, use, and potential benefits of dialogic reading practices when working with young children.

Growing Up to Read
Parents and preschool teachers are important resources in the child’s acquisition of language and early literacy concepts and skills. The National Academies Press explains what adults can do to help children develop literacy skills.

Developmental Milestones of Early Literacy
Reach out and Read provides a list of typical development along with hints to encourage children’s beginning literacy.

Get Ready to Read
This website includes links to screening tools, skill-building activities, tips for parents, and literacy games and checklists.
Also in Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.