Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in the Early Childhood Classroom

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Reviewed: 2017

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Preschool STEM
This blog entry on the National Science Teachers Association Web site discusses science, technology, engineering, and math–STEM. Science can be rolling objects down a ramp while recording and thinking about what happened. Technology includes computers, but it can also include using other tools such as flashlights and digital cameras. Engineering can be children planning and designing structures with blocks. Math can be counting and matching shapes and making patterns.

Preschool Science: Learning at the Playground!
This article discusses how adults can turn playground play into adventures in science. Children can learn about momentum, friction, and balance on the playground.

The Pendulum
During this activity, children interact with pendulums and have the opportunity to develop their reasoning about movement and trajectory.

Roll with It
Sliding common objects, such as blocks, boxes, balls, empty containers, and even play foods, down a ramp is a fun way for kids to start exploring some physical science concepts related to the position and motion of objects.  Create a free account on the National Science Teacher Association website to view this resource.

Water Play: Make a Homemade Washing Machine
In this activity on the PBS Kids website, adults can help children make their own homemade “washing machine” by putting water, soap, and doll clothes in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid.


National Science Teachers Association
This organization is dedicated to promoting science teaching and learning.

Additional Resource(s)

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Blocks to robots: Learning with technology in the early childhood classroom
Marina Umaschi Bers
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