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Talking to Your Child’s Teacher

Do you wonder how to build a good relationship with your child’s teacher? Here are some words to help you connect.

  • “Here’s how to get in touch with me”
    This is important if your schedule changes often or you can’t always take calls.   
  • “I want to ask you something. When could we touch base?”
    Right before and after school are often hectic times for teachers. Set another time to talk.
  • “I appreciate it when you ___”
    Teachers like to hear when something works well!
  • “Our family is going through a change. Can I tell you more about it?”
    Family situations might make your child extra tired, worried, or happy. Teachers want to respect your privacy and support your child.

Children benefit when their families have good connections with their teachers!

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  • Kindergarten
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Reviewed: 2022