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As you welcome a new baby, prepare for toddlerhood, or relocate to a new home, it is important to provide a safe environment for your child. The resources below can help with that process.

General Guidance

  • Create a Safe Environment for Your Family
    This booklet provides information on childproofing, harmful house products, safe plants, outdoor safety, and child safety resources. 
  • Childproofing Your Home – 12 Safety Devices To Protect Your Children
    This resource, from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, provides a list of inexpensive child-safety devices that are easy to find and easy to install. Also available in printable PDF
  • Injury Prevention Starts at Home
    This resource, from the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, provides information for families on how to prevent injuries at home. Also available in a printable PDF in English and a Spanish.
  • Childproofing Your Home – HealthyChildren.org  
    Before or as soon as children begin crawling or walking, parents and caregivers need to take extra steps to make sure harmful items are out of reach, out of sight, and locked up if possible. Also available in Spanish
  • Childproofing Your Home – National Safety Council 
    This article provides information on suffocation, high-risk zones in the home, safety tips, and suggestions to help families prepare for the unexpected. 
  • A Helpful Guide for Parents and Caregivers – Illinois Department of Children and Family Services 
    Common causes of accidental childhood injuries include drowning, falls, fires or burns, poisoning, suffocation and motor vehicle crashes. This guide, intended to spark conversations with caseworkers, covers health and safety concerns and avoiding risks. Also available in PDF in English and Spanish



  • Home Safety Webinar
    View this webinar from the National Center on Health to discover safety risks and injury prevention tips for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Explore some home safety checklists that families and staff can complete together. Learn new ways to engage families in a conversation about injury prevention. Additional Safety and Injury Prevention Resources are provided in multiple languages.  
  • How to Childproof Your Home – This Old House
    This short video demonstrates quick, effective ways to safeguard children around the home. 
  • How to Add Childproofing to a Home – Ask This Old House
    This short video provides a parent with tips to keep a baby safe around the house by using cabinet locks, a baby gate, outlet covers, and securing a television. 

Additional Resources

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