Video Tour: Tip Sheets

About this resourceReviewed: 2018

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Welcome to our “Tip Sheet” page. We have nearly 200 Tip Sheets, which are short, easy-to-read informational resources that address many topics, including health, discipline, home activities, and others. We also have graphic Tip Sheets that include fewer words and more pictures and are attractive enough to post on bulletin boards, refrigerators, or attach to parent newsletters. All of our Tip Sheets are available in English, Spanish, and Polish, and all graphic Tip Sheets are also available in Arabic, French, Korean, and Chinese. We also have some Tip Sheets in Russian.

We have 72 Tip Sheets that are aligned to the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards, and 71 that we have identified to be appropriate for families and caregivers of infants and toddlers. You may also search for Tip Sheets by topic. They are all available as PDFs for easy downloading, printing, and attaching to e-mails. If you have an Illinois mailing address, you may also order printed copies of our Tip Sheets in English and Spanish by clicking here.

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