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Let’s Get Up

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This video takes place in the gross-motor room of a university laboratory child care and preschool. This room is used for gross-motor activities by all classrooms in the center during inclement weather. Micah (30 months) is lying on the ground next to the slide. The teacher leans down and teasingly touches both of his hands before lifting him up to his feet. Micah walks over to the corner, picks up a ball, and throws it off-camera to the teacher, who tosses it back. Micah had shown very little interest in activities that morning, but the teacher was able to engage him briefly in a game of catch.



Note: No transcript is provided because the only speech is background noise.

Illinois Early Learning Guidelines for Children Birth to Age Three and strategies that caregivers used

Self-Regulation: Foundation of Development
Attention Regulation
Children demonstrate the emerging ability to process stimuli, focus and sustain attention, and maintain engagement in accordance with social and cultural contexts.

  • Strategies for interaction (21-36 months): Engage in play with the child
  • Action: The teacher attempted to engage Micah in a game. His participation was brief, but he did show excitement after he threw the ball to her off-camera.

Developmental Domain 1: Social & Emotional Development
Relationship with Adults
Children demonstrate the desire and develop the ability to engage, interact, and build relationships with familiar adults.

  • Strategies for interaction (21-36 months): Play and spend quality time with the child on a daily basis
  • Action: By spending time with Micah every day, the teacher was familiar with his temperament and was able to encourage him to participate in a short game.

Developmental Domain 2: Physical Development & Health
Gross Motor
Children demonstrate strength, coordination, and controlled use of large muscles.

  • Strategies for interaction (21-36 months): Engage in activities that promote throwing a ball
  • Action: The teacher helped Micah to stand up and participated (off-camera) with him in a short game of catch.

Approaches to Learning
Curiosity & Initiative
Children demonstrate interest and eagerness in learning about their world.

  • Strategies for interaction (21-36 months): Remain sensitive to the child’s temperament and provide support as needed
  • Action: The teacher understood that he did not join in activities unless he was encouraged to do so. She helped him get up and showed him the ball to engage him in a short game of catch.

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