Rounding Up the Cows

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Mother: You gonna to get some more animal guys?

You gonna to get some more from the bin?

Yeah? There you go.

Young children develop skills across domains as they grow. Sometimes, a new skill in one area allows them to make gains in another area. In this video, we see Aaron as he stumbles from the bench to the ottoman to transfer his toys from one area to another.

Aaron is new to walking at 18 months. Now that he can walk independently without holding on, he has just realized he can carry toys back and forth from one location to another. His growing physical abilities allow him to take initiative and follow his curiosity about the things around him.

Illinois Early Learning Guidelines for Children Birth to Age Three & How They Were Met

Developmental Domain 2: Physical Development & Health
Gross Motor
Children demonstrate strength, coordination, and controlled use of large muscles.

Indicators for children (16-24 months)
  • Holds objects or toys while walking, e.g., pulls a car by a string while walking around the room

Aaron moves toys from the ottoman to the kitchen area by walking them over one at a time.

Approaches to Learning
Curiosity & Initiative
Children demonstrate interest and eagerness in learning about their world.

Indicators for children (16-24 months)
  • Demonstrates an interest in new activities and a willingness to try out new experiences
  • Experiments with different ways to use materials and objects

Aaron discovers that he can move toys from one location to another while he walks. He repeats this action several times because it is a new experience for him.