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Solving the Shoe Puzzle

child trying on shoes

About this Video

As infants become mobile, they can explore and discover their world first hand. In this video, we see 12-month-old Aaron as he tries to put on a pair of his sister’s shoes. He has seen his sister put pretty purple shoes on her feet, and he remembers that she keeps them on a shelf by the door. He has a conceptual understanding of how these interesting objects work and uses his spatial reasoning skills as he turns the shoes and tries to put them on his feet.



No transcript is provided because there is no dialogue in this video.

Illinois Early Learning Guidelines for Children Birth to Age Three and How They Were Met

Developmental Domain 2: Physical Development & Health
Fine Motor
Children demonstrate the ability to coordinate their small muscles in order to move and control objects.

  • Indicators for children (7–18 months): Uses hands in a purposeful manner, e.g., turns the pages of a board book, drops objects into a bucket
  • Action: Aaron holds the shoe near his foot and attempts to get it on his foot.

Developmental Domain 4: Cognitive Development
Children demonstrate the ability to acquire, store, recall, and apply past experiences.

  • Indicators for children (7–18 months): Searches for objects in their usual location, e.g., finds their favorite book on the bookshelf
  • Action: Aaron remembers the routine of putting on shoes. He knows where to find shoes and how they are used. He attempts to put the shoe on his foot as he has seen his sister and other family members do.

Developmental Domain 4: Cognitive Development
Concept Development
Children demonstrate the ability to connect pieces of information in understanding objects, ideas, and relationships.

  • Indicators for children (7–18 months): Uses physical actions while exploring objects, e.g., rolls a ball back and forth on the floor, purposefully throws object repeatedly onto floor to be picked up
  • Action: Aaron moves the shoe near his foot because he knows it should go on his foot.

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