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Going to Kindergarten?

Getting required health checks, practicing key skills, and visiting your new school can help your child make a smooth transition.

  • Time for a checkup
    • Children entering kindergarten must have a physical exam, dental exam, and eye exam.
    • Immunizations are required for kindergarten entry. Talk to your health care provider or call the Illinois Public Health Department at (217) 782-4977 if you aren’t sure which immunizations are required.
  • Visit your new school
    • Call the school office if you have questions about what to expect.
    • Attend special visiting days your school may offer for parents and children, including kindergarten screenings.
  • Practice kindergarten skills
    • Explore pencils, crayons, and child-size scissors
    • Practice saying full name and how you get to and from school
    • Hang up a coat, go to the toilet, and wash hands without help
    • Follow simple rules and take turns
  • What if my child needs special help?
    Some children need extra support. Call your local school district office to find out about developmental screenings and other services.

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