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Project Examples

By sharing documentation of their experiences implementing the Project Approach, Illinois teachers can help each other learn new strategies and ideas for implementation.

Educators are invited to submit simple documentation of project work from their classrooms. Check out our Guidelines for Submitting a Project to IEL for suggestions on how to submit a project example. Once you’ve submitted a project, IEL staff will help edit and publish your project.

Once you’ve decided to submit project example, contact our project director, Emily Dorsey, via email – edorsey@illinois.edu, to let us know your submission is ready. We will create a Box folder for you and give you instructions on uploading your materials. Please note that due to the higher volume of project submissions, not all projects will be published on the website. If your project is selected, IEL staff will help edit and publish your project.

Browse our Project Examples Table. It organizes projects according to the type of classroom setting where they were completed.