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Discover Letters and Words

Letters and words are all around! Explore the world of words with your child as you are out and about. You are helping your child develop early reading skills as you talk to your child about the words you see all around you.

  • Go on a letter hunt
    Choose one letter and find as many as you can of the same letter. Try copying the letters you find on paper.
  • Talk about letter sounds
    Talk about letters as the building blocks of words. Identify the first, middle, and last letters. Figure out simple words together by helping your child make each letter sound individually in sequence.
  • Play a name game
    Names are powerful words because they represent special people in your child’s life. Practice writing the names of people who are important to your child.
  • Point out words in print
    Talk about spaces, punctuation, and uppercase/lowercase letters. Your child will learn about how words are printed.
  • Find letters in the neighborhood
    Point out road signs and the sports and store logos you see as you drive around your town or neighborhood. Help your child see that these icons can provide information.

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