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Investigate Together

How does rain get into the clouds? How do fish breathe under water? Young children love to investigate and find their own answers to their questions about the world. Encouraging your child’s exploration and wonder helps build a strong foundation for early learning.

  • Go explore!
    Young children love to explore the world around them. Encourage your child to use his senses to explore. Young children learn best by talking about their first-hand experiences.
  • Keep the questions coming
    Encourage your child’s questions. Help her think about where she can find out what she wants to know. Help your child discover there are many ways to find out answers, such as reading books, searching the Internet, asking experts, and observing the world.
  • Track your discoveries
    Write down your child’s ideas and observations. Show her that writing and words are tools for sharing information. Encourage your child to draw pictures of what she sees and what she remembers from different experiences and places.
  • Numbers are tools for discovery
    Help your child count, classify, and measure things using numbers. Help him learn that numbers and math are tools for discovering the world. For example, help him sort out different shapes of blocks and count how many of each kind.

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