Saying ‘No’ to Your Child

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Reviewed: 2017

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Setting Limits: Helping Children Learn Self-Regulation
This short article from PBS describes the benefits and challenges of setting limits with children. It offers do’s and don’ts and suggestions for parents to try at home.


Parenting 24/7
Parenting 24/7 is a “one-stop” source of news, information, and advice on parenting and family life from University of Illinois Extension. Designed for parents and grandparents of children from birth through the teens, it provides feature articles with research-based information, video clips of parents and experts, breaking news and commentary, newsletters, and recommendations to the best parenting resources on the web.

Zero to Three
ZERO TO THREE is a national nonprofit organization that provides parents, professionals, and policymakers the knowledge and the know-how to nurture early development. The website offers resources and advice on behavior and development, maltreatment, care and education, and public policy.

Additional Resource(s)

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Shauna Shapiro and Chris White
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Setting Limits in the Classroom: A Complete Guide to Effective Classroom Management with a School-wide Discipline Plan
Robert J. MacKenzie and Lisa E. Stanzione.
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No Is Also an Answer: Setting Limits for Young Children
Shelley Gallenson and Rebecca Anderson
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Supporting Classroom Transitions Between Daily Routines: Strategies and Tips
Rashid Banerjee and Eva Horn
Young Exceptional Children, 2013

Early Childhood Teachers’ Use of Effective Instructional Practices and the Collateral Effects on Young Children’s Behavior
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