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Read and Write Together

Understanding stories and information that is read aloud is an important skill for young children. Make time to read aloud with your child and talk together about the stories and information you read.

  • Find new books
    Travel to your local library and explore the storybooks and informational books. Children can learn from a wide variety of books.
  • Ask questions as you read
    Ask your child what she sees in the pictures. Encourage her to predict what might happen next. Ask her why she thinks a character might act in a certain way.
  • Read stories again and again!
    Encourage your child to retell you the story from the pictures. This helps your child recall the important parts of the story and understand the main ideas.
  • Make your own books
    Write down your child’s ideas about drawings he has made. Fold and staple those drawings to make a book. By hearing his own words read aloud, he learns that the printed text communicates the meaning of his ideas.

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