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Get Ready to Read

Set your young child up for reading and writing by building knowledge, skills, and habits that create a strong foundation for future literacy.

  • Knowledge
    • Build conversation skills through play with peers
    • Introduce new words
    • Play letter, number, and counting games
    • Go on community outings to stores, museums, and parks
  • Skills
    • Talk about the print you see around you
    • Write lists
    • Enjoy read-aloud books and talk about the pictures you see
  • Habits
    • Ask your child to tell you about what they draw/write
    • Choose screen-time activities that encourage learning new words and letters
    • Build reading and writing into everyday routines such as bedtime stories and grocery lists
  • Start early with babies and toddlers
    • Name familiar people, places, and things in photos
    • Encourage scribbling to build small hand muscles for writing
    • Encourage bilingualism by singing songs and reading stories in your family’s heritage language

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Reviewed: 2018