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Tech Time for Young Children

We use technology in many ways during everyday routines, and young children don’t want to be left out. Here are some ways families and caregivers can find a healthy balance with technology and electronic media in their daily lives.

  • Use technology together
    Talk and interact while using technology. Conversations help your child understand what she sees and how technology works. Talk about what you see to help your child understand it.
  • Be a good role model
    Your child is watching your technology use, which can often interfere with sleep and meal times. Find a healthy balance between when you use technology and when you take a break from it.
  • Choose wisely
    Young children have trouble telling the difference between reality and fantasy. Choose age-appropriate, nonviolent media for young children.
  • Encourage learning
    Choose educational games and programming that help children learn. Show them that technology can also help them find important, useful information.
  • Balance your time
    Young children need hands-on play with real objects. They benefit most from their interactions with people through play and conversations. Use technology to enrich and build upon other experiences. Develop a family plan for media and decide ahead of time when and what to watch.

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