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Healthy Children Eat Right

Good nutrition is basic for supporting preschoolers’ healthy growth while avoiding obesity

  • What do 2- to 5-year-old children need in their daily diet?
    The amount of food that your child needs depends on his or her age, size, and activity level. Children should not be pressured to eat more than they want. As you plan meals and snacks, keep in mind the food groups and portions shown on the plate on the right [fruits, 1–1.5 cups; grains, 3–5 ounces; vegetables, 1–2 cups; protein, 2–5 ounces; dairy, 2 cups].
  • What about sweets?
    It’s best to limit these, but don’t completely ban any food.
  • Teach good habits
    Set a good example by offering more fresh foods.

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